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Hello, and welcome to the best page on the net! OK, so lots of other people say their pages are the best, but that just goes to prove that they're all liars. Or misguided. If you don't agree then, well, you're probably right, but I'll overlook that fact for the moment and get on with the rest of the page. Here it is.

The fish seems to be disguised as a cow at the moment. But it doesn't fool me!

Click here to go to the all-new TechnoWeb!

HACK2 is here, the not-very-long awaited adventure-creating program, written by me! And it's actually quite good!

I'm sure you don't particularly want to read a whole page of information about me, but I've given you the option by putting one here.

Fancy reading a brilliant and thought-provoking short story? No? Well, that's a pity because there's one right here called "The Abductee". You don't have to read it if you don't want to, but if you DO want to, then read it all the way through. I mean it.

Now that bit about this being the best page on the net was a lie, but this bit isn't. I've got the best game in the world right here for you to download for nothing. It's called Splat, it's for up to eight players and it's great. Yes, admittedly I did write it myself and therefore have no right to tell you how great it is, but I'm afraid it IS great and there's no getting around that fact. Sorry. Take the time to read the instructions, because it's well worth it. Trust me.

Contrary to popular belief, I do occasionally have thoughts, and here are some of them. If you have any thoughts of your own then let me know, and I'll put them in here.

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My old friend Adam's page is permanently under construction but definitely worth a look!
Then there's Jon's page, although I can't tell you he's called Jon for security reasons. The page contains lots of nice Tolkien things about elves and suchlike, and loads of peculiar pictures from LBA2!

If you like this page, or don't like it, or have any suggestions, or are a bit bored, or are testing out your e-mail, then drop me a line!

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