Monkey Mafia Live At Warwick University (24/6/98)

I had the privilege of seeing Monkey Mafia play at the President's Ball (which wasn't really a ball, but there you go) in Warwick's Students' Union building last week. The atmosphere in the Big Beat Arena was buzzing after a good show by the Dub Pistols, and because the Lightning Seeds were performing in the next room, there was still just enough space for dancing.

Jon Carter was first on the stage, and the intro of 'Make Jah Music' was already under way when the others appeared. The crowd got into it straight away, but the stakes were raised even higher as the next track began - a hybrid of 'Blow The Whole Joint Up' and the vocals from 'I Am Fresh'. I'm not a huge fan of Douge's vocal style, but in a live setting it really fires up the crowd.

The high point of the gig for me was 'Whore Of Babylon' - I remember turning to my friend as it began and saying that I didn't think it'd work in a live setting, but I was utterly wrong! The tribal rhythm pounded the arena, and when the tune sped up halfway through, the crowd went mad. Only problem was that the track seemed to last for hours and nobody could stop dancing, so everyone was knackered afterwards!

After the gig I got to meet some of the band, who it has to be said are really good blokes! I'm a bit gutted though, because I would have been able to meet Carter himself had I not had to go and look for one of my friends, who had gone missing. Still, maybe next time!