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World of CryptoPics - The ultimate Nonograms/Griddlers site!          
World of CryptoPics - The ultimate Nonograms/Griddlers site!
What is a CryptoPic?
How to solve CryptoPics
CryptoPics to print and play
Download CryptoPics software!
The CryptoPic Library
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Download the World of CryptoPics software
The World of CryptoPics software contains everything you need to play and create CryptoPics. It has a large number of features and tools, and is fully customisable for hours and hours of fun!
Pre-made puzzles (many included)
Random puzzles (various types)
The CryptoPic Challenge!
Hand-made puzzles with the built-in Editor
Puzzles from image files (GIF, JPG, BMP etc.)

Have a look at some of the screenshots!

Download World of CryptoPics Shareware

This version of World of CryptoPics is shareware, which means that you are free to copy and distribute it as you wish. However, the second half of the CryptoPic Challenge is unavailable and some other features are limited.
To activate these features, you need to get the full version of the software.

Ordering the Full Version

The software includes a variety of puzzles for you to play, but you can download more from the library on this site.


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World of CryptoPics